National Council Meeting , lucknow- 21-22 December 2017 in collaboration with SCORE

  • Main decisions taken at the NC Meeting, Lucknow (21-22 Dec, 2016)

i. Broad visibility and expansion of network

- Victor Raj, Gautam Bandhopandhyay,  Naaz Khair, Annie Namala, Radhika Alkazi and Anil Pradhan will lead the process of mobilising the critical mass. One tribal woman leader will be identified for the process. 3 months reporting has been planned.

ii. Mobilising SMCs

iii. Position Papers

-          Extension of RTE to Pre-primary and secondary education

-          Privatisation, PPP, voucher system, school closure

-          Quality and universal education

-          Financing

-          Teacher recruitment and training

-          Safety and security in school education

-          Out of School Children

-          Issue of inclusion (with respect to marginalised, deprived sections, disability, EWS, girls and any other discrimination existing in the system) in education

iv. Consultations

-          National Consultation with SMCs

-          Round Table consultation with teachers (State and National)

-          State and National level consultation on NEP

-          Consultation for Media sensitisation

-          Round Table consultation with Parliamentarians for sensitisation on the status of RTE

-          Safe and Secure Schools

-          Wash in Schools (for generating awareness regarding hygiene, safe drinkin water and clean functional toilets)

-          Against Privatisation of school education with factfinding

  • Preparation for National Call on 20th February, 2017 for complete implementation of the Act and Adequate Financing

-          Complete implementation and extension of RTE to 0-18 years

-          At least 6 percent GDP and 25 percent of state expenditure on education

-          Stop hiring contract teachers and regularise all trained teachers

 Planning for the 7th National Stocktaking Convention and Status Report

National Convention on Stock taking RTE Act to be held third week of March 2017  LINK for SCORE

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