National Council meeting 13-14 December 2017

Key Decisions of National Council Meeting

13-14 December 2017

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra  


A. Support system to states including Materials, Capacity building and Resources (Both HR and Financial)

  • Annual Report of the Forum including the work nationally and in the States with a focus on the achievements and impact achieved
  • Secretariat to start generating an annual report of the network besides quarterly updates to take stock of achievements.
  • State chapters to share monthly updates to secretariat for inclusion in newsletter/report
  • Formation of working groups

Fundraising: A committee including State and National members will be formed to provide support resources that would looking at funding gaps nationally and support only some states which need it. State conveners would, however, need to have the onus of fundraising for their States.

  • Strategic engagement with teacher associations, both nationally and the States. Ambarish to initiate discussion with the Teacher Union leadership to evolve the best form of ongoing engagement between the Forum and the Unions. This will need to be followed by engagement with the States.
  • Technical Support:
  • Secretariat to take the lead to develop a pool of master trainers (drawing suggestions from states and national experts) for supporting work at state level on specific issues. Secretariat to circulate a template of issues (and some suggested national names) and States will expand the list.
  • Secretariat to explore a platform for holding regular (Quarterly/monthly meetings) through conference calls and other means. This will then be attempted.
  • Stronger coordination:
  • State to share Information about upcoming events with the Secretariat in advance and Secretariat will then share with membership. State Chapters would need to plan in a manner as to provide adequate time for cross-visits between State Forums. This would need to be planned and clear planning would be needed to ensure that traveler’s participation is utilized for more than just participation in the event. While it is important for the Convenor to continue travelling between state events (which has a political function), pool of visitors to be enhanced.
  • Stronger follow up on deadlines is critical. Secretariat to maintain a calendar and send automatic reminders if deadlines are not adhered to.
  • Secretariat (Aparajita) should be marked in communication regarding events who maintains the calendar
  • Strengthening zonal coordination. State Chapters in a region to discuss with each other to develop propositions for making it work better.\
  • Role clarity between state and national
  • More regular communication with state forums and within State forums is needed. Secretariat to hold at least one informal call with each State Chapter Convenor each month to discuss progress, challenges, work more broadly.

Secretariat to plan for a process to arrive on common understanding on contentious or difficult issues. Secretariat to develop a list of issues where further discussion is required and plan for a roadmap for addressing them. Some issues include clear strategic roadmap towards Common School System and engagement with the 25% reservations under RTE in private schools. While not to be done immediately, need to have a clear theory of change spanning the movement.  

Secretariat to develop the format for newsletter. The newsletter will be dependent on States sharing their updates

The Forum website has a blog space. State Chapters to send blogs to Aparajita for uploading to the website.

Secretariat to plan out stronger protocols for follow up between national events to ensure action on issues identified. A range of issues have been identified, but specific action plans (developed in consultation with State chapters) would need to be put in place to ensure impact.

Sub-state structures

Need for more organic efforts to establish links with movements, alliances at state and national level.

Clearer role and responsibility of the core group to steer the management process going forward to supplement the role of the Convenor.

Need to plan for coordinated action at State level including mass mobilization, judicial intervention, media (both social and other media forms), Coordination/mobilisation of community through SMCs, PRIs


Develop critical mass for addressing issues like school closure/merger, out of school children, privatization, extension of Rte, quality, NDP etc

No Detention Policy: Given that the Parliamentary Standing Committee will be submitting its report by 21st Feb 2018, the following would be done between now and February

Develop process of networking with standing Committee members, other MPs (MPs at large and critical opposition leaders). This would require critical engagement from the secretariat/Delhi based groups during the current parliamentary session and follow up from the States (similar to the Odisha RTE Forum which has written to all MPs in their State asking for withdrawal of proposed amendments)

Media sensitization on the issue including more writing on the issue, use existing resources and develop new resources, write blogs etc )

Online campaign continues. 1000 signature on the petition from each state

Concretize these in the framework of a campaign

In the event of RTE Amendments being passed, State level action would be needed to influence decisions regarding NDP at state level

Inclusive Education

RTE Forum to be more active in its advocacy on the issue including advocating for special educators, ensuring that home schooling is adopted only when truly required, make government schools more inclusive. Need for a clearly articulated position from the Forum on inclusive Education.

Explore opportunities for level intervention including participation in the current petition filed by the Vidhi Law Centre, Radhika Alkazi to let us Forum know about steps to be adopted in line with discussions within the disability community itself.


Decisions Taken on the idea and objective

All state chapters to map their existing membership before the next national Council meeting to identify districts where we lack presence and map out which spaces (committees etc) that we currently occupy at national, state, district levels.

Secretariat to develop plan and roadmap for reaching new states by coming National Council meeting.

Strengthening existing cadres

Develop mechanisms for strengthening the groups of existing volunteers  (RTE Mitra in Chhattisgarh, SMC Cadre in Karnataka, volunteers in Bihar).

Concerned state chapters to document  strategies adopted there to promote cross learning

Cadre building is integral to social movements and the process of Cadre building is broadly welcome and agreed upon. The RTE Activists will serve as ambassadors of the Forum. Some refinement in the language may be required to communicate the idea better.

First round of workshops: Rajasthan (First week of February) and UP(First week of Feb)

Additional zonal Induction workshops for Southern and Eastern Zones respectively to be supported by (Save the Children and Action Aid) (Budget will be discussed and shared by the National Secretariat accordingly)

Selection criterion

Tone of the language in the note to be changed regarding selection to make it sound less exclusionary

Regional Groupings (Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern)

Host states may then have more ToTs to eventually reach at least 1-2 people per district. Chain of workshops will be conducted round the year.

60 will be selected for each regional grouping. Process of selection and nomination: Out of 60, 15 should be selected from social groups, alliances and rest from the state Rte forum (existing and new entry)


2.5 days residential so to make use of evenings. State and National resource persons will conduct the trainings. A training team will need to be developed since training is a skill.

Agreement on the topics for training listed. Additional suggestions may include education as a Human right/overall human rights discourse, linkage with associated development issues housing rights, employment etc, education as a tool to assert empowerment and social transformation, history of education (CCS), dos and don’ts as RTE activists,

Volunteers from States to take part in the working group for development of outline: Niranjan Aradhya, Hemangi Joshi, Raghu Tiwari and Aatreyi Sen

What After Training??

Secretariat to create central whatssap and google group for the central cadre.

State Conveners to follow up with cadres-weekly phone calls, so that they get the adequate support, to hold state meetings after TOT, create state specific group, series of workshops in the states to expand the work further

Development of Materials

Secretariat to revisit website structure to make it more campaign friendly. To upload resources, links and forum’s position papers 

State Forums to send their existing materials to Aparajita in the Secretariat. Most materials would be welcome. The website should reflect the diversity of the work taking place in the States.

Volunteers for drafting of position papers: Hemangi joshi, Sudatta Khuntia, Malay Kumar, Alka Singh

Position papers would need to be eventually translated into regional languages by the State Chapters.

Core guiding Principles

Secretariat to share text to obtain suggestions for improvement

Suggestions for additional aspects for inclusion: Education as a social good and a social transformation within the constitution of India, Medium of instruction , Privatization and commercialization and any PPP which violate Rte norms

This should be translated into different languages


The campaign outline was developed on the basis of the last Council decisions and the previous day discussions and draws on issues of RTE compliance and emphasis on quality and equity.

Some activities that are cross cutting (tied to national processes), others for which dates are state specific were identified. Secretariat to circulate a shared calendar that will be a shared calendar of critical policy spaces and State events that can support campaign planning. States to prioritize among untimed events. State Chapters to let the secretariat know (in advance) and fill out the calendar.

Critical timed activities

Budget Session,

AWP Education department discussions

SMC Elections,

Academic Session

Vidhan Sabha Session,

CABE dates/NEP processes,

State Elections

Parliament Sessions

Preparatory Processes

Meeting with other movements/campaigns

Meetings with teacher associations

Legal Workshops

Regional Meetings

Predicted likely Events

State Campaign Launch

State Stocktaking

SMC Federation meeting (if a federation exists or is being planned)

Cadre follow up meetings

Media sensitization

On-Going Action

Gram Sabha Resolutions (to submit memorandums to PRI, to connect with the person responsible for education in the Gram Sabha which is a statutory position )

SMC demands(Draft Declaration to be shared  for comments)

Strengthening cadre

Mapping own capacities/access to policy making spaces at both state and national level

Some potential Campaign spikes emerged through the discussion. Converting them into concrete campaign ideas will require more time.


Quality and Rte compliance

Rte extension

Free and No discrimination





Equity and Inequality

Diversity in education

Out of school

Conflict and education


Community Participation



Solidarity with social groups

Other decisions around the Campaign

Need for planning to identify personalities for the campaign and politicians who could push the agenda at the parliament

The movement should also be able to register in the minds of common people

Bring academic and youth to strengthen the movement

Collaborate with institutions other groups (Save the children campaign on youth collaboration with Youth ki Awaz was helpful)


Broad agreement on the objectives of the report as shared.

Case studies, research etc at the state level to be shared with Aparajita

Existing stocktaking reports, other research/evidence in the State.

Any Government orders, Positive action taken by government

Any positive examples of government schools

Tools will be designed by Aparajita along with Hemangi Joshi, Malay Kumar, Raghu Tiwari and shared by December last week of January first week under the guidance of Anjela

Tools already designed will be shared by Malay Kumar and Ricky Singh to the Secretariat

Data collection will be completed by January 31st 2018. 10 schools in each state (minimum)

A team for analysis of data will be set up after all data received by the Secretariat

Final report to also have a section on residential schools and like previous years will also take stock of the implementation as in the previous years. Stronger editing needed to ensure that same data is not used in subsequent years and evidence adheres to the reference year.


Campaign to be launched in the National Stocktaking Convention and subsequently in the states. A South Asian meeting with representatives from different countries will also be organized at the National Stocktaking Convention. 

Budget Session: February every year in all states. Is being preceded by State processes. AWP Education department discussions: Letter from the MHRD is out, Plan on the basis of SDP highlighting state specific issues so that it is implemented (reference 17-18 PAB minutes@ Shagun portal). Secretariat to prioritize development of strategy for this strand of work.

Academic Session Start:

HP, TN, Maharashtra, Haryana among others will have new academic session before the next NC. Secretariat to evolve common strategy for this.  

Delhi Forum to share their experience of the textbook Campaign and any tools developed for the same

State Elections,

Karnataka, Rajasthan may have elections before or around the next NC. Delhi, Gujarat and HP to share materials developed by them with other states

Secretariat will track Parliamentary Sessions, progress on NDP, NEP and other policy spaces and keep membership informed about any emerging spaces.





Creation of New Working Groups/addition of State people into them



By Next N. Council

Secretariat to initiate processes.

Strategic engagement with teacher associations


Material development

End Jan

Training session

End Jan

Action strategy for advocacy to influence AWP/Budget and Academic session


Stocktaking Report and Convention


Tools for data collection for report

31 December

Aparajita to circulate draft. Refined in consultation with volunteers

Data to be collected

31 January

State Convenors (SCs)

Secretariat to convene planning process for the stocktaking

Early January

Ambarish (National Convenor, NC)

Campaign to be launched in Stocktaking event, followed by rolling State launches



Will coincide with meeting of the regional Forum



Secretariat to share formats for


Pool of resource persons

Within 1 m






Format to map sub-state footprint


Outline for the National Stocktaking report


Create whatsapp and google group for the national cadre

1st Wk Feb

Gram Sabha Resolution


SMC declaration


Planning for strategic directions for


Strategic engagement with Teacher Associations


NC to have first round of discussion with unions. Further discussion in WG

Modalities for cross-visits and engagement of states


Discussion zonally

Plan and roadmap for reaching new states

Next National Council


Protocols for follow up between national events



Plans for resolving pending issues- eg. roadmap for CSS



Detailed action plan for advocacy on NDP

Mid Jan


Planning for roll out of the Cadre- including two new sessions supported by AAI and Save the Children

By next NC


Engagement with inclusive education


Radhika Alkazi in consultation with disability groups

States to share


Monthly updates



Tools, materials, research or other information that would be considered useful






Information about upcoming events at least two weeks in advance to facilitate sharing/travel across locations



Aparajita to be marked into updates/intel about events and will more proactively follow up on calendar



Share plans for strengthening existing cadres and documentation of the process so far

By next NC

SC of Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Bihar

Share experience of textbook Campaign and any tools developed for the same


SC of Delhi Forum

Share materials developed for elections for use by other states


SCs of Delhi, Gujarat and HP



First two rounds of cadre building


SC of Rajasthan. MP, Gujarat, UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand. National Members. Secretariat

Quarterly/Monthly Calls. Aparajita to immediately explore platform and process to be initiated.


Secretariat to initiate

Informal mechanism for staying in touch about the work: Secretariat and State Conveors and State conveors with cadre


Secretariat and SCs

Secretariat to update website to make it more of a campaign site


Secretariat to initiate

Secretariat to share draft campaign guiding principles for refinement and States to then translate them into State languages





Secretariat to share text of the SMC Delhi Declaration for refinement



Ongoing efforts to strengthen Collaboration with youth, academia, social movements in centre and states



Each state to submit at least 1000 signatures for the NDP campaign


SC, National Members

Get Involved

Get Connected



Contact us


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