Charter of Demands

  1. Complete implementation of the RTE Act, 2009. Ensure all schools comply with all the norms of RTE Act.
  1. Take urgent action to ensure that all teacher vacancies are filled by professional, qualified and motivated teachers. Institutionalize immediately fully functional, adequately staffed and fully funded academic support structures for teachers across the country.
  1. Convene a meeting of all Chief Ministers and Education Ministers of the state to take stock of the implementation of RTE Act and prepare a road-map for making RTE Act a reality.
  1. Increase the allocation on education to 6% of GDP and address the long pending barriers responsible for delayed disbursement and underspending of the funds allotted.
  1. Extend the Right to Education to children under 6 and up to the age of 18 years.
  1. Put in place rational regulatory framework for private schools including ensuring their compliance with minimum norms.
  1. Empower parents to exercise control over their schools- ensure that bottom up planning forms the basis for allocations and roll out a process of social audit in all schools.
  1. Take steps needed to end discrimination and to ensure total inclusion of Children with disability, Dalit, Tribal and Muslim learners in classrooms. Put in place policies and resources to ensure instruction in the mother tongue for all children from tribal background, migrants and Urdu speakers in the early grades.
  1. Bring all children back into school by end of 2015- roll out nationwide child mapping and tracking systems, special training for all children out of school and ensure that budget allocations for the same are adequate.
  1. Strengthen the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights by making them functionally independent, adequately staffed and financed entities and put in place an uninterrupted chain of redressal of complaints from the grassroots to national level. 

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