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Right to Education Forum (RTE Forum) is a platform of national education networks, teachers' unions, peoples’ movements and prominent educationists with a combined strength of 10,000 NGOs from all over India. Its members include, among other, CACL, CRY, NAFRE, NCE, Oxfam India, PCCSS, Plan-India, Save the Children, UNICEF, Voluntary Forum for Education, SCORE-UP, Uttarakhand RTE Forum, Jharkhand RTE Forum, Delhi RTE Forum, Odisha RTE Forum, West Bengal RTE Forum, RTE Forum-AP, Rajasthan State Consortium, TN & Pondicherry RTE Forum, People's Allaince for Right to Education, Chattisgarh RTE Forum, UNESCO, AKF, World Vision, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, Room to Read, AIF, Welthungerhilfe, Action Aid India, NEG FIRE, CCF, CARE, Christian Aid, VSO, Water Aid, Skill share International as members. RTE Forum is closely working in collaboration with the Council for Social Development that also offers administrative and operations support. RTE Forum office is also located in the premises of CSD. RTE Forum has been working towards building a people’s movement to achieve the goal of equitable and quality education to all children through the realization of the Right to Education Act, 2009 in its true letter and spirit. The Forum is envisioned to strengthen the National Public System of Education funded by State.

The Act was notified by the Government of India on April 1, 2010. RTE Forum considers the Act, with all its limitations, a progressive step because it constitutes an improvement over the prevailing reality in several States and offers scope for addressing the gaps in teacher availability and teacher training, bans discrimination and corporal punishment in schools, ensures compliance with school infrastructural development, provides for community participation and involvement through School Management Committees (SMCs), etc. RTE Forum has presence in 20 states and has formed state chapters of RTE Forum in twelve states namely in Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and TN & Pondicherry. The Forum is in process of expansion into other States including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Assam for deepening the advocacy and mass mobilization for the implementation of the Act. The state chapters in turn are also collective alliances of organizations and networks working for the child rights and for bringing in equitable and quality education for all children at the State level.

The six broad thematic areas of its work around the Act include:

  1. Systemic Readiness and Redressal Mechanism
  2. Issues of Teachers
  3. Community Participation
  4. Quality
  5. Social Inclusion
  6. Private Sector

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